Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Holiday / Research trip

Hi All,

Jasper is going to have his second plane trip early next month, I have booked us a trip over to QLD to check it all out and have a look at some daycare centres etc . .

There actually is a house that I think might be perfect for us, we will go and see  it when we are there, it’s in a suburb not too far from Brisbane CBD and has recently been renovated. The owners are going overseas for a year at the end of October which is perfect cause that is when I am heading over and wanted to give it at least 12mths over in QLD to see if it’s for us or not.

If that house is as awesome in real life as it is in the pics and descriptions I have had from the owner then Jasper and I will have lots of time to holiday and relax because that cuts out my suburb research I was going to do when I first booked the tickets. Instead I will check out the daycares and get my name down and I think just do some relaxing . . .find some fun stuff Jasper and I can do together.

The first night I am staying at a hotel near the airport but the other 5 nights I am booked in a 1 bed apartment that I got really cheap on the Gold Coast. The only thing I haven’t done yet is book my car rental. .. .

It’s been a bit of a headache with deciding what to do with my furniture and belongings (for the actual move in October/November) however I think I may have come up with the solution but I won’t finalise it all until I have come back from QLD next mth :-))

I am looking forward to having a week off work and some warmer weather!!

Love to All
Cara xo

Jasper and Chloe before she left daycare

Jasper and Kable unwrapping at his bday party!


lill said...

the house looks super nice, more incentive to try to visit while you're there!

Anonymous said...

looks very liveable! Just ripe for your soon to be adventure!