Thursday, 19 June 2014

4 Sleeps away from 5

Hi All,

SO is that title confusing or what?

To clarify, Jasper is 4 sleeps away from being 5 years old, which is just crazy! I was just reading back through my blog and looking through all the pics and realizing how much he has changed and how much has changed since I last blogged . . . . .so I thought while I sit here at work with not much to do, it was the perfect time to write a post . . . .not that I think I have any readers left . . .but I like that Jasper can look back at this and myself.

We are back in Perth living now after living over east, I had to come home to be able to keep a closer eye on my Dad. Since we have to be back in Perth I am just making the most of it, catching up with friends, enjoying crepe's in Freo again, I have Jasper enrolled in a great school and after a year of him asking me I finally have him attending tennis lessons.

Jasper goes to full time school now . . . .and is already having to bring home books to read to me!! Again CRAZY where did that time go, not that I would want to go backwards because I wouldn't . . .

Our weekday life is so hectic, between school, work, tennis and a long drive to where we are living . . . but I am so thankful and grateful for all that we do have, a job, a good school, good health and a roof over our heads . . . .food in our tummy's and great people around us.

I think both Jasper and I miss things about being over East and I am planning to do many trips back, this is also because my Mum is now over east which is sad for Jasper and I to not have her close . . .we speak to her on the phone all the time and Jasper even takes the phone into his room to have chats with her.

Now time to attach a pic or two ;-)

I will write more soon. . . .perhaps for Jasper's birthday and a letter to him.

Love to All Cazza xo

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

After Easter

Hi All,

Easter was such a fun weekend, we spent time with family, went to a fair, ate too much choc, cooked healthy yummy meals, watched tear-jerking B grade movies and went on walks J

I feel so blessed to be able to share with Jasper the “country life” with Jasper so he doesn’t grow up to be a complete city slicker!!
He still loves the horses and enjoys helping Nan feed them in the mornings and night.
Milly also gets her slobbery mouth wiped by Jasper with the dog towel before she enters the house! (Milly is my Mum’s Greatdane “puppy” 6mths old)

We had a relaxing weekend last weekend, catching up on washing, cleaning and food shopping.
However we did manage to fit in lunch with some friends on Saturday and then hit the Pirate park on Sunday morning with another friend and her two children.

Then Sunday afternoon I cooked a lamb roast for Jasper and I which was very yummy and watched Jasper eat his broccoli, beans and new fav veg peas lol
I should mention that one of his fav things to have is salmon, I am not joking I cook it about once a week salmon fillets with veg J
Having food allergies like I do there are lots of things I can’t have so I tend not to cook up things like pasta’s and mushed together stuff . . .hence I guess why he is so used to eating just steamed veg and a meat product.

Finally I am going to read a parenting book, a late decision by my “bookclub” for this mths book!
Now my bookclub consists of one other person and we take turns choosing a book once a mth, not fiction books things like minimalist living, a quit sugar book, cooking book . . .basically things that make us think outside our worlds and maybe learn something new J
If anyone wants to join just yell out, doesn’t matter where you live as we chose ebooks and don’t do deep discussions etc about them!!

This month I won’t be having a child free outing because next month I have two (2) I know right WOW lol

Thank you to those people that are reading and for the few of you that have commented it does feel nice to know that people are reading and taking the time to comment J J
A castle I built

A hatched Egg from KASH

Nan with two grandchildren

Love to All
Cazza xo

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter things we made :-))

Hi All,

I can honestly say that I had a blast making all of these things, it was such fun and something I plan to do regularly for Easter :-))

I have received some lovely feedback and some so so feedback (for an early batch of rocky road that I did).

We have already received far too much choc so I keep saying that we will be sharing it with Nan and Pa (and anyone else we come in contact with!!).

Okay this was just a quick post to share some homemade pics.

Happy and safe Easter to you all :-))

Love Cazza

Monday, 2 April 2012

Pre Easter Fun

Hi All,

This weekend saw Jasper and I split our time between baking and being social :-))

We had a blast in the kitchen and then such fun visiting with friends being Easter Bunny.

Jasper was a huge help in the kitchen unwrapping about 24 easter eggs and putting them in the middle of the cupcakes for me. Then also helping me shell peanuts and general mixing help.

Sunday was our Easter Bunny day which also saw Jasper recieving some awesome Easter presents which weren't choc Phew people know me well :-))
It also meant we got to catch up with a friend we haven't seen for ages who just happened to be home as we were leaving the Easter present at the front door.

I am a lover of all holidays, birthdays etc. Any reason to celebrate and make a day different from the normal I am up for it in a big way. Being able show Jasper the joy of different holidays is making it even more special.

I hope that you all had a great weekend too!

Love to All
Cazza xo

Friday, 30 March 2012

End of March catch up

Hi All,

Suprise and Shock I am going to write a post!! :-P

It's been a long week, both with work and with Jasper.
He's having a grumpy week which hey he's entitled to as we all are, but do you notice that our children are always in a bad mood when we least want them to be lol
I always try to make sure that we end the night in a "happy place" and say goodby at daycare in a "happy place" the age old thing don't fall asleep on an argument!

Tonight I am actually leaving Jasper at home with a friend so that I can go out for dinner with another adult who is also leaving her children at home (with their Dad).
This will be the first time since New Years Eve that I am going out without Jasper . . . .that's one resolution I am not keeping too as I was supposed to be aiming for one adult outing a mth oooppps.

Jasper is enjoying Daycare as always though I have noticed this week that they haven't been moving him up to the preschool room, I am not sure wether that's because they are having a terrible time with staff illness or wether there is another reason.
He isn't 3 until June which is when he is supposed to move up to the "big" room but he has already started going up some days, or even half days etc as most of his friends are older and are up there. Also they have moved a large amount of the younger children into his room which means there aren't too many left in there that he can talk to as his speaking and comprehension is advanced for his age.
I am worried that he is going to start going backwards . . .which I am sure is a silly thing to worry about and it probably means that I need to start reading some child development books!!
But really people should I be worried that he might not be getting challenged enough?

My update hmmmm my new contract role is going okay, it's been a mth now and I atleast have completed all the training and have access to everything etc.
It is just an adjustment period and meeting some people to chat to at work to help pass the days quicker!

Easter is around the corner and I am looking forward to some days in the country at Mum and Dad's, fresh air and some chilling! Plus of course Easter fun with the family :-))
Jasper and I are making cupcakes with an Easter suprise this weekend . . .then we are going to make some rockyroad when we get to Mums!!

What are you all up to??

Love to All
Cazza xo

Friday, 9 March 2012

It's 2012 Y'all!!

Hi All,

SO So long since I have last blogged but as I am commenting on other blogs a bit more I thought that I should atleast put some new pics up here for people to look at if they happen to follow the link to my blog :-))

A brief update, we are back in Perth after driving around the top half of Australia to come back last year which was an awesome "big adventure" which is what I called it for Jasper!!
WE had a ball such a great time and some good time together :-))

Jasper is amazing, smart, compasionate, caring friends with all the girls but still a boy who loves playing on his bike, being at hte park, loves the beach and pool and still loves Nan's horses . . . .umm is friendly, but can still be a bit of a sooky lah lol

I am working full time, being a Mum, catching up with friends, not cooking enough, watching all my shows and dreaming of a day when I don't have to work quite as many hours a week!!!

I may attempt to blog more but we'll see . . . .maybe if we embark on a new adventure . . . . ;-))

At the Zoo late Feb 12

Same day

Love to all

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wedding Pics

Hi All,

Will do written updates soon I promise!!

I will do more soon :-))

Love to All
Cara xo

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Car's gone, Stuff's gone . . nearly time for us to be gone

Hi All,

As the title says, the car is gone
and the boxes are gone! (plus a wardrobe and Pram).

I am now starting to get excited, happy, sad, nervous . . .a whole range of emotions!

Excited: because this is a new start, a new adventure, something I have been wanting to do for a long time and is long over due though I could not have imagined having Jasper anywhere else but Perth surrounded by my amazing supportive friends and family.

Happy: with myself, happy with life and ready to get out there and get started on the next chapter of life.

Sad: saying goodbye to family and friends and places which are so familiar to me. I know I often say it but I am truely blessed to have amazing family and friends with out whom I would not be the person I am today. They are there for myself and now Jasper, through the good and the bad times. I have people I know that I could pick up the phone and they would come over in an instant, I have others I can ring if I just need to off load and go through things in my head, I have people who are always up for an outings, others who allow me to drag them to what ever I feel like doing.
Basically I am leaving behind people who just get me, and accept me worts and all. People who have played a part in Jaspers life from the very begining and I am truely going to miss them so much! (okay getting tears as I type this)
I know though that in the modern age we live I am only a phone call, picture msg, facebook, skype, msn, blog, video call away . . .and 5 hour plane ride :-P~~
(I have people booked in for visits already and I can't wait for all of you to come over and let me show you my new state and home)

Nervous: as with any new begining or step into the unknown I have that nervousness of will it be a good move for myself and my son. Will we find new friends, find a job ( I have an interview when I am over setting up the house), how long will it take to find my way around, will the new daycare by anywhere near as good as the one here, how long will it take to start feeling like our "new home", will I be okay with Jasper on my own with no one else around . . .

So as you can see I have a whole range of emotions and things going around inside my head and heart, however I can say with out a doubt that I know this is the right thing and the best thing for us at this stage in life. Its time to head out and explore some more of what's out there.

Love to All
Cara xo

Monday, 11 October 2010

Car goes today!

Hi All,

D day is fast approaching!!
I drop my car off today to be trucked across country to Brisbane, which should mean its there for me when T and I get over there on the 26th.

I am starting to get a little stressed with packing and what is coming and whats staying etc . .

Its all becoming so real as I start saying goodbye to friends and getting well wishes through! I do truely know it will be great for us, it doesn't make it less sad saying goodbye to family & friends.
I know too that we will be back for visits lots I am sure, and I have friends planning to come over and see us :-))

My Mum is now coming up to Perth to watch Jasper for most of the time I am away setting up the house with T, this way he can stay in daycare for the week and Mum gets some time to visit friends and relax. It also means I don't have to take Jasper for his last day of daycare something I am dreading doing as I know it will be an emotional goodbye . . I know I will get sad saying goodbye to them on the last day I pick him up too.

We have had a busy few weeks with social catch ups both with Family and Friends :-))
The Saturday just past was Fairday which marks the start of the Pride Festival in Perth, we had a great day out in the sun catching up with friends and saying some goodbyes. It actually went better then I expected :-))

It is also making me very reflective, this is to be expected I guess when one is going through belongings and saying goodbye to a chapter of our lives. Any readers who can relate?

Jasper continues to thrive . . .though being slightly sooky!! He has had a few of the bigger teeth coming through so as you can imagine lots of pain and crying.
He is starting to transition up to the bigger room at daycare, he is so small compared to the others in there . .I hope the donor height gene's kicks in soon!!

Work is very slow as they have hired a replacement for me already and I have been instructed to get people to contact her, this means I get time to blog :-P~~

Love to All
Cara xo

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Deal or No Deal Video

Hi All,

Clearly I watch too much Deal or No Deal . . .but its very cute to watch him do it, I didn't manage to catch him doing the actions for deal, next time.

Thanks for watching and I will do a post with real words and updates soon!!

Love to All
Cara xo