Thursday, 15 July 2010

Decisions Decisions Oh So Many

Hi All,

As the title says Decisions and too many of them!! Don’t get me wrong though I am thankful that I have a great life and live in an awesome time and place that I have choices.

That said . . . my head is spinning!

I had my head and heart set on the Gold Coast as a place to settle in Queensland, I just love the atmosphere and location, beach’s etc . .

Then I decided to google again the commute time to work in Brisbane and also chatted to someone that has moved from there to here just recently . . .lets just say I don’t have enough time in my life to spend 3hrs a day getting to and from work!! It would mean I would basically drop Jasper off go to work, pick him up then put him to bed . . .NOT the lifestyle I am wanting.

Some may be asking why working in Brisbane, basically the answer is that there aren’t too many jobs in the gold coast in my industry, and I don’t want to take a step backwards work wise at this time of life, not when I will soon be paying for schooling costs.

So this has led me to think that perhaps living in Brisbane would be better, of course it will have to be the right location and the right cost . . .so that I can go to the gold coast on weekends and stay over etc . .

NOW let’s talk about the cost of transporting your goods and car across country FAR OUT! I have had a few quotes so far and neither is particularly cheaper then the other even backloading which everyone says is supposed to be cheaper??!!!

This means I am now thinking wether its worth taking it all over or wether to leave it in storage here for say a year then decide if I am staying over there or coming back. That means though that I need to get a fully furnished rental or buy really cheap furniture when I get over there and just a minimal amount

Arrrgghhhh that’s just a small snippet of all the things running through my head!

Anyone out there reading with some advise I can use???

Love to All
Cara xo


lill said...

Are you thinking of moving there for good if you like it?

Cazza said...

Hmm I may but basically I am just not ruling anything out. I may want to come home after a year or less or I might really like what the Eastern States has to offer . .

lill said...

that will be sad but if you stay there for good, i'll definitely have to come over and visit!

Deb said...

Hi Cara, I'm not normally in favour of unmarried mums, especially when they have a choice.... However....
You seem to be the exception to my rule :)
You seem like you are doing a fantastic job and without much help. Working full-time can't be easy.
I really do wish you all the very best in your coming adventures [that's how you need to view them eh!] Come and have lunch sometime soon... Deb x