Thursday, 8 July 2010

Biding Time

Hi All,

Now I have made the decision to go to the Gold Coast I feel like I just want it to be time to go. Its not that I dislike it here in Perth or that I won’t miss my family and friends very much its just that I feel like I am treading water waiting for it to be D day.

Does that make sense to people?

I have lots of things to do before I leave including organizing movers, narrowing down suburbs, researching childcares, sorting stuff to go into storage (not going to take all my books and childhood things) etc…

D day actually doesn’t have a date yet cause there are lots of factors that make that up however I hope to know be the end of this mth fingers crossed!

On the home front things are good, Jasper is continuing to grow and get stronger on his feet . .still no walking yet. He was very much enjoying some fresh pretzel that I gave him yesterday and still eats heaps of anything with rice, I swear if they didn’t know me so well at daycare they would have me up on starving charges . . .Jasper has had 3 bowls of lunch a few times this week!

Our daycare is something that I will very much miss when we leave . . . I am lucky that the first daycare I got him into is the best. The facility is nice and new and bright and fresh, the staff are just awesome, I think it does help too that I take the time to talk to them and find out how he is going. I don’t just dump and run or pick up and run . . .quite often I will sit down on the floor and have a chat when I go to pick him up.

Jasper went to his first 4th of July thing on the weekend, unfortunately we got there a little too late to get the good food and things they had on sale . . .I don’t think they expected it to be as popular as it was.

I am considering a few days break somewhere maybe next mth, however will wait till I do my tax and until I decide on a Gold Coast departure date.

Love to All
Cara xo

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