Monday, 24 May 2010

The Stars Aligned this Weekend

Hi All,

We had a really pleasant/lovely/Nice weekend :-))

One of those weekends where things just all flowed along nicely with no major drama or stress and both healthy!!

Friday afternoon I picked up Jasper and took him for a bit of a hair trim as his fringe and the back of his hair was getting long . . . .he was perfectly behaved and didn't make a noise.

Saturday: A lovely early morning then we went to visit a friend and went to gymbaroo, I am still not sure that I like gymbaroo however I will keep going along for this term. I am thinking to take Jasper to an indoor play ground once a week on the weekends instead . . .he love the climbing around on the equipment and playing but isn't so keen on the matt time . . .at this age he just wants to move around and practice his stuff :-))
After gymbaroo we did a spot of food shopping, then had a friend over for dinner and a dvd . . .a yummy dinner which I cooked by the way, it is really nice when I have another adult or two to cook for.

Sunday: JASPER IS 11mths OLD!! I finally managed to get to church! They have a huge creche and childrens set up there . . .he was in the young room still of course and after the sermon when I went to pick him up they said he was a blessing and just had fun playing :-)))
After Church we went home for a bit before R & P came over and we headed into Freo for some lunch and walking around. Jasper has just been awesome this weekend I truely believe he loves being out and about as much as I do . . .he enjoys interacting with other people no matter their age etc . .and also enjoys people watching . . .hmm I wonder where he gets that from LOL.
He has enjoyed a variety of food this weekend and especially yesterday where he got to taste lots of diff food, including some of my fish . . .a melted marshmellow, some donut and hot choc, very tart fresh raspberries . .of course this was all in small amounts!! I just love that he will try it all and pretty much eats it all :-))

So all in all a really great weekend! I am now slightly behind in washing and ironing however not too bad and you know what stuff it . . .after being sick for over a week it was really nice to enjoy some happy fun time with Jasper and catch up with friends.

I still have lots of party planning to do for Jaspers First bday however I am slowly getting there . . .Jasper has a cool new outfit to wear for his party bought yesterday for him by R&P :-))

Love to All
Cara xo

NOTE: I don't use people's real names unless they let me know that I can, I feel strongly about privacy which is why I use nicknames.

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lill said...

Very cute pics! The year has gone by so fast,one already! In my mind Jasper doesn't age as fast as my two, so it seems like a surprise when I think how old he is now. (Weird I know, thats how my brain is working at the moment)