Friday, 9 March 2012

It's 2012 Y'all!!

Hi All,

SO So long since I have last blogged but as I am commenting on other blogs a bit more I thought that I should atleast put some new pics up here for people to look at if they happen to follow the link to my blog :-))

A brief update, we are back in Perth after driving around the top half of Australia to come back last year which was an awesome "big adventure" which is what I called it for Jasper!!
WE had a ball such a great time and some good time together :-))

Jasper is amazing, smart, compasionate, caring friends with all the girls but still a boy who loves playing on his bike, being at hte park, loves the beach and pool and still loves Nan's horses . . . .umm is friendly, but can still be a bit of a sooky lah lol

I am working full time, being a Mum, catching up with friends, not cooking enough, watching all my shows and dreaming of a day when I don't have to work quite as many hours a week!!!

I may attempt to blog more but we'll see . . . .maybe if we embark on a new adventure . . . . ;-))

At the Zoo late Feb 12

Same day

Love to all

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Heather said...

yeah for blogging! im totally behind in mine also but im trying to get caught on mine and reading others. FB is ok but i love blogs!