Monday, 2 April 2012

Pre Easter Fun

Hi All,

This weekend saw Jasper and I split our time between baking and being social :-))

We had a blast in the kitchen and then such fun visiting with friends being Easter Bunny.

Jasper was a huge help in the kitchen unwrapping about 24 easter eggs and putting them in the middle of the cupcakes for me. Then also helping me shell peanuts and general mixing help.

Sunday was our Easter Bunny day which also saw Jasper recieving some awesome Easter presents which weren't choc Phew people know me well :-))
It also meant we got to catch up with a friend we haven't seen for ages who just happened to be home as we were leaving the Easter present at the front door.

I am a lover of all holidays, birthdays etc. Any reason to celebrate and make a day different from the normal I am up for it in a big way. Being able show Jasper the joy of different holidays is making it even more special.

I hope that you all had a great weekend too!

Love to All
Cazza xo

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