Wednesday, 18 April 2012

After Easter

Hi All,

Easter was such a fun weekend, we spent time with family, went to a fair, ate too much choc, cooked healthy yummy meals, watched tear-jerking B grade movies and went on walks J

I feel so blessed to be able to share with Jasper the “country life” with Jasper so he doesn’t grow up to be a complete city slicker!!
He still loves the horses and enjoys helping Nan feed them in the mornings and night.
Milly also gets her slobbery mouth wiped by Jasper with the dog towel before she enters the house! (Milly is my Mum’s Greatdane “puppy” 6mths old)

We had a relaxing weekend last weekend, catching up on washing, cleaning and food shopping.
However we did manage to fit in lunch with some friends on Saturday and then hit the Pirate park on Sunday morning with another friend and her two children.

Then Sunday afternoon I cooked a lamb roast for Jasper and I which was very yummy and watched Jasper eat his broccoli, beans and new fav veg peas lol
I should mention that one of his fav things to have is salmon, I am not joking I cook it about once a week salmon fillets with veg J
Having food allergies like I do there are lots of things I can’t have so I tend not to cook up things like pasta’s and mushed together stuff . . .hence I guess why he is so used to eating just steamed veg and a meat product.

Finally I am going to read a parenting book, a late decision by my “bookclub” for this mths book!
Now my bookclub consists of one other person and we take turns choosing a book once a mth, not fiction books things like minimalist living, a quit sugar book, cooking book . . .basically things that make us think outside our worlds and maybe learn something new J
If anyone wants to join just yell out, doesn’t matter where you live as we chose ebooks and don’t do deep discussions etc about them!!

This month I won’t be having a child free outing because next month I have two (2) I know right WOW lol

Thank you to those people that are reading and for the few of you that have commented it does feel nice to know that people are reading and taking the time to comment J J
A castle I built

A hatched Egg from KASH

Nan with two grandchildren

Love to All
Cazza xo

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Jen said...

Pirate park was fun, one day i'll have to take mum and show her with the kids.
woohoo kids free night coming up!!!