Tuesday, 13 April 2010

After Easter 2010

Hi All,

A few snaps from our Easter down at Mum and Dad's! Don't you love the pink sparkly cow :-))

Easter was lovely the right combo of relaxing and family with some retail therapy and some very yummy food lovingly made by my Mum (though I did make one meal).

Monday night however I started being sick and didn't manage to actually keep anything in my stomach until Friday .  . . .let me just say this was not the way I wanted to lose weight to look good in my bathers for Bali later this mth.
However I am now feeling human again and ready to blog again :-))

Jasper has now mastered crawling and is taking on his next challenge of pulling himself up on things, he is so clever. Bath time has now moved to the proper bath as he really was getting to big for his baby bath on the kitchen sink . . .and the cot has been moved to the bottom setting so he can't make a jump for freedom in the night.

I am now starting proper getting ready and planning for Bali seeing as we are leaving next Thursday! I can not wait to relax by the pool and shop and relax by the pool and drink and relax by the pool . . .can we see the theme there hehe

Plans for the big change later this year are in motion and once I get word back on the latest step I will be ready to reveal all :-))

Love to All
Cara xo

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