Saturday, 5 April 2008

Thursday, Friday in Cuba

Hey All

WEll nothing too exciting to report this time, I am feeling better but still a bit drained and I guess it makes it harder when there isn't really anything that I can eat here.

Nope DV there is no fast food here!!

Thursday I did manage to get to a good cigar factory, and also I think like the main shopping strip here, but really didn't find much to buy. . . .

Yesterday wasn't much of anything a bit of a walk around, but the weather has actually been a bit rainy and lightning, thunder ect. . .

So all in all pretty quiet and nothing to write about, today I might try and lay by the pool a bit and I have to work on re-packing my suitcases. . . .as my pick-up is at 5.55am tomorrow morning. I think that getting through the airport lines here might take awhile, then i get to claim my luggage ect in DR and go through more lines to get on my other flight back to the US.

I have been doing some research into my car trip, and I think Sunday night after I arrive and pick up my car I will head for Lancaster Country in Pennsylvania. . .and take it from there.

So I should have mobile coverage again by Monday morning for most of you there in Oz YAY hehe

HOpe a good weekend is being had by all.

Love to All

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Anonymous said...

So, joining the 4WD club on return are ya??? That's if you don't end up with malaria and dengue fever and ebola and cholera and...
Good to hear from u on mob again, and lking fwd to seeing the incriminating photos soon. Leave the nice Amish pple alone too. You are far too worldly for them.
Lurv, jm