Tuesday, 29 June 2010

3rd Celebration was fun

Hi All,

Jaspers 1st Birthday celebrations are officially over :-((

We had a awesome time at the party on Sunday, some yummy food made mostly by Auntie Mel with Sausage rolls made by Auntie Ash. I of course made some sweet food, Choc crackles and lemon cupcakes.

Unfortunately I forgot to give someone camera duty and hence we now only have a few pics, BUT I did borrow a video camera so we did get some fun footage and I am looking forward to viewing it in a few weeks :-))

We nearly didn't have the helium balloons, I only remembered late Saturday afternoon that I had to pick them up from Spotlight!

Jasper was completely spoilt rotten by everyone, he recieved some really cool books and very cute clothes Oh and a noisey but fun toy from Auntie Libby.
(His bookshelf is filling up which is nice and I will work out a time of the day thats best to read to him soon)

He constantly astonishes me with how much he eats but still manages to stay under the average line on the little graph thing they give you when they are born . . .hmm I wonder when exactly that gets updates over the years . .
When we went to the Paed last week he got weighed and was 9.76kgs.

Yesterday I took him back to get his blood test done, hoping this time that they would find the vein and they did YAY so I should get those results in a few days.

My head was starting to get a bit overwhelmed in deciding Canada or the Gold Coast . . .and I have still not made a decision, I am waiting for the blood tests and then may wait until I have done my tax as this will allow me to have a better idea how much money I will have by November.
The financial year ends tomorrow, then I have to wait for all the group certificates and statements from Health funds, Government etc . .before I can actually do my tax.
So it may be awhile before I make a complete decision regarding our place of living for later this year.

On a lighter note, I think it won't be too long till Jasper is walking . . .he is getting much stronger on his legs and just wants to walk everywhere.

Love to All
Cara xo


Deb Wilson said...

Hi Cara, what a cool idea. I have often thought of having a blog.... good on you - and Jasper.

Cazza said...

Hi Deb,

Thanks I have had it for a few years now but am trying to use it more regularly :-))

Thank you for reading and your comment!