Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Papers Papers everywhere

Hi All,

As the title suggests I have been buried in paperwork and am slowly getting out from under it!!

At one stage I was dealing with stuff for the new house, new daycare, sorting out my phone, dealing with the Bank and had Jasper at home with Foot and Mouth!!

Things however are looking up and looking less stressful this week :-))

Jasper is fully recovered from his Foot and Mouth virus, luckily he only had it very mildly and it didn't really effect him much except that he was contagious so couldn't go to daycare . . .I had to get someone in to watch him at home plus Mum & Dad watched him for one day as I couldn't afford to take time off work.
He is such a happy social little boy and is happiest when we are out and about where he can smile and grin at people.
Walking is proving hazardous he constantly seems to have a bruise or scratch on his face and at the moment has about 3 bruises!!

Things are moving forward with our move, should get the contract for the new house through soon. I have booked all our flights etc including Auntie T's and mine for the end of October when we go over to set up the house while Mum kindly watches Jasper for the week for me :-))

I am getting frustrated however trying to work out the timing of things arriving, like I need to send the car over by truck and then the furniture. They have to go with different companies and it appears that no company can actually tell you exact time frames which makes it hard for me to organise things . . .

We have been doing fun stuff too lots of meals out and fun in the sun last weekend when we experienced spring conditions slightly before the official start of spring.
I am constantly thankful for the amazing family and friends that I have in my life, including new friends that I am making. Hopefully lots of them will come to visit in our year away, at last count I have at least 3 friends who have said they are coming over for sure to visit, including one I NEVER thought would say Yes!!

Just showing some of those facial injuries!

Love to All
Cara xo

PS. I am off to run more errands including visiting a bank and picking up a new cell/mobile!


Heather said...

I know the routine and while not easy just go step by step, one thing at a time as it seems your doing and it will all finally come together. Cant wait!

Stacey and Bernt said...

Ummm..... Foot and Mouth!!!! ???? More info please!

Cazza said...

Thanks Heather you are right I am taking on one challenge at a time!

Stac yes it is a viral thing not the same as animals get and luckily you can only get it once :-))