Monday, 26 October 2009

Jasper Brae is 4mths OLD

Hi All,

Well its true what they say the time really does fly passed!! Jasper is just over 4mths old and WOW the time has flown passed soooo quickly.

He is an amazing little boy who is a flirt already I am sure of it, he gives cheeky grins and does little chuckles J

So tall/long and getting so strong already. He loves to chatter and interact, and I am sure he will be talking before I know it cause he is always around people and talking!!

He is starting to eat rice cereal and various mash food that sorry to say comes from a JAR, Yes I admit I am feeding my child from a JAR . . .really people you can buy organic stuff now, I don't see much of a difference to what I could make and also TIME is a big factor now that I am back at work full time. He seems to enjoy eating whatever I give him at this stage and he is up to about 6 different fruit/veg . . I am not sure I have mastered getting the spoon into his mouth properly all the time but hey we get there LOL

He took his 4mth injections just like he did the 2mth . . .like a pro!! Cried for less then a minute and was fine after that, see an amazing little boy! (Okay we all know I am slightly biased!!)

As mentioned above, I am now working full time which means Jasper goes to Daycare full time and enjoys it . . .he's always chattering and happy when I drop him off and pick him up and they are EXCELLENT with him, they love him and all take turns with him J I am very lucky to have such a great daycare just down the road from me!

I update pics on facebook pretty regularly so please contact me if you aren't my friend on there yet and would like to be.

Love Cara

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